The aim of our exhibition is to help you to share in Milo’s passion with this garden, southern hemisphere plants and travel. Malahide Gardens, as a small botanic garden, is full of amazing plants, fascinating stories and hours of learning and entertainment. Come explore it with us!


Interactive: Use touch screens to explore Milo’s detailed notes and botanic information cards, Isabel’s garden diary and attempt to decipher Milo’s notes written in code.

Around the world in twenty plants: From Europe to South America, Australasia and the Far East, the plants of Malahide Gardens present an opportunity to travel the world while exploring the gardens

What’s in a name? Learn about how plants are named and categorised.

Design your own plant:  Decide where it comes from, what it looks like, what is it called and why.  Is it as incredible as real plants like the ones that attract flies by smelling of meat or have their seeds distributed by ants!?

Amazing botanic gardens: What are botanic gardens? Why are plants from around the world collected, researched and conserved?

Survival of the fittest: In Malahide plants and trees have many different ways of ensuring they grow and thrive.  Find out about some of the unusual techniques to pollinate, germinate, grow and see.

Green finger tips: Browse some good gardening advice from the Talbots and their gardeners, past and present, and to add their own thoughts, hints, tips and favourite garden memories.

Food for thought:  Have a look at edible plants here and from around the world, plus a glimpse of Isabel’s recipes.

Garden fashion:  An overview of garden design from monastic herb gardens to formal gardens.

Plant identifier: Can you identify the plants? The clues are in the seeds, leaves, flowers and shapes of plants!

A year in the garden:  How does Malahide Gardens look at different times of the year? See the images and match plants and wildlife to different times of the year; compare the weather here at different times of the year with other places in the world.

What’s that smell? Can you identify scents like rose, geranium, sweet pea, eucalyptus? Well how about the dead meat flower and a curry plant!

Generations of gardeners: How much do you know about the various tasks in the garden, from planting to propagating, pruning, mulching and weeding?

The interactive exhibition is fun and educational, with something for the whole family. Once you have been there you might like to continue your exploration in the Walled Garden.

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