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The Gardens
The ornamental gardens adjoining the castle cover an area of about 22 acres and were largely created by Lord Milo Talbot. He was an enthusiastic plant collector who brought specimens from around the world to create the gardens here; he also re-landscaped the grounds here to dramatic effect.

In all there are in excess of 5000 difference species and varieties of plants present. The gardens are best described as a small Botanic garden. In addition to the abundance of flora our exhibition presents fascinating stories about the gardens, Milo and Rose and the wonderful world of southern hemisphere plants.

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Garden Interactive Exhibition
The garden interactive exhibition is located in the Visitor Centre and is the ideal place to find out more about the gardens created by Lord Milo Talbot, the last Lord Talbot to reside at Malahide Castle. Milo was a passionate and avid plant collector and had a particular interest in Southern Hemisphere plants through his love of travelling during the 1940’s- 1970’s .

The aim of our exhibition is to help you to share in Milo’s passion with this garden, southern hemisphere plants and travel. Malahide Gardens, as a small botanic garden, is full of amazing plants, fascinating stories and hours of learning and entertainment. Come explore it with us!

The interactive exhibition is fun and educational- with something for the whole family. Once you have been there you can continue your exploration into the Walled Garden.

Lord Milo Talbot’s Botanical Walled Garden


The West Lawn

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