The Talbots were one of Ireland’s most prominent families, were involved in some of the key moments and events in this country’s history and have left this castle and grounds as their legacy.


The legacy of Lord Milo:  Lord Milo Talbot and his sister Rose were the last in the family line. Milo’s garden and plant collecting records are his great legacy to Malahide.

The Demesne and village:  This land was shaped and developed by the Talbots, creating ports, a village, industry, jobs and skills, and a recreational landscape that is hugely valued today.

A haunted castle: There are at least five ghosts at Malahide, including Lady Maud Plunkett who is buried in the graveyard and the 16th century castle caretaker, Puck!

Protecting the past: The castle, church and grounds are of great historic value and need to be conserved and maintained. Find out about historic and current renovation and preservation work.

A family home:  Learn about generations of the Talbot family and their contribution to the history of Malahide.

Glimpses of the past: The fine Irish furniture on display throughout the Castle reveals the fashions of the different periods.

A treasure uncovered: The Talbot family was connected to famous author and diarist James Boswell, and a unique collection of his papers were discovered here in the 1920s.

The Talbots abroad: Family members moved to Canada and Tasmania, where they established homes, estates and farms.

The Battle of the Boyne: The Talbot family played a leading role at the Battle of the Boyne, the most important military/political event to take place in the 17th century and which fundamentally changed the history of England, Ireland and other countries.

Picturing the past: Malahide Castle is home to a famous painting of the Battle of the Boyne as well as the National Gallery of Ireland’s national portrait collection.

Find out about the Castle Rooms Tour.

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